It’s Time, Pokemon Fans! Pokemon Nintendo Direct Incoming


A weekend Pokemon Nintendo Direct will hopefully reveal what Pokefans have been waiting for.

Did anyone not see this coming? A Pokemon Nintendo Direct on Pokemon’s anniversary weekend? As if the hype level for a new main series title wasn’t already through the roof, a Direct is as good as confirmation that we’re getting a new game announcement (though, to be clear, this is just educated speculation). The Direct is coming this Saturday, according to the official website and a Tweet:

Considering recent prior game announcements (such as ORAS) just got write-ups on the official website and trailers, a full-on Direct is a big deal. We’re sure to see other things, too, such as glimpses of Pokken Tournament before the March release, more merchandise and rare Pokemon download code announcements, a plug for the Virtual Console Red/Blue/Yellow titles, and maybe, if we’re lucky, more Pokemon Go. There’s a lot to talk about to fill a Direct!

As for possible new main series announcements, there are two possibilities–a Pokemon Z, as in a third rendition of X and Y with more features and a focus on Zygarde, but even I have to admit that sounds a bit lackluster. A new generation is far more desirable at this point, with a new story, new Pokemon, and a new adventure…preferably one that shakes up the formula a bit.

Regardless of what actually gets shown, a Nintendo Direct just for Pokemon makes fans like me positively giddy. Be up bright and early, North America, or you’ll miss it!