E3 2015: Nintendo Announce Blast Ball For 3DS


The Nintendo World Championships have introduced us to a new game in the Nintendo lineup – Blast Ball. The game was featured in the second stage of the tournament, as two teams of three competed against each other in an attempt to progress through the competition. 

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Blast Ball will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, featuring gameplay which bares a resemblence to the Metroid series, within a futuristic soccer game, as both teams try and blast the over-sized ball into their opponents goal. The ball itself has multiple power-ups, and can also be used to knock opponents out.

An added stipulation to the game is that the goals shrink each time a goal is scored, making things even more competitive as the contest progresses.

Nintendo did not announce any release dates or extended information about the game, so we’ll have to wait until Tuesday to see if Nintendo will feature it as part of their E3 2015 conference.

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