E3 2015: Ubisoft Predictions, Rumors & Expectations

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Things I hope we’ll see at the Ubisoft briefing

  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Re-Announced

The Beyond Good & Evil property is held in high regard to Michel Ancel, the director and designer of the title. Even though he has left Ubisoft to form his own studio, he is still involved in a contributional capacity with the publishing company, including working on “an extremely ambitious new title that is very close to his and the team’s heart” for Ubisoft Montpellier. With comments time and time again about Beyond Good & Evil on next-gen consoles, made during the time where PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii reigned, the stars would seem to align for an announcement. Plus, it would be the cherry on the “Ubisoft <3 Women In Gaming” campaign that would certainly appease critics.

  • Small Scale Gaming Projects Get A Prominent Block Of Time

Child of Light and Grow Home were two creative titles to be released from two rather important Ubisoft studios in the past year. More than anything, I would love for Ubisoft to embrace those side projects a little bit more during their time on the E3 stage and push them to the forefront. Not only would it show a good sign of faith that Ubisoft is in touch with the hardcore gaming community who want variety in their title offerings, but would show that they’re not 100% focused on creating the $200 customer every second of the day.

  • A New Far Cry Title Isn’t Announced, But An Offshoot Is

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, personally, is a more interesting game than its vanilla counterpart. Essentially a love letter to the 80’s, its use of cliches from old action movies mixed with Far Cry 3 action delivers consistent laughs, thrills and challenges. I think that it would be too soon for Ubisoft to announce Far Cry 5, but the timing is right for the gloves to come off and a silly offshoot title to be released. Seeing how there have been murmurs about dinosaur, zombie or vampire-related Far Cry content, if Ubisoft were to announce something with this property, I’d suspect it embodies much-needed silliness.

What do you think, GameSiders? What do you expect to see during Ubisoft’s stint at E3 2015? Let us know in the comments section below!

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