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Sonic Boom Fire & Ice Announced To Widespread Confusion


Last year’s Sonic Boom titles are the video game equivalent of a failure pile in a sadness bowl. That’s why it was a complete shocker (in an upsetting way) that both Nintendo and Sega want to come back for more, as Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice has been announced on the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account, where followers are just as confused as I am as to why we needed another title like this.

Coming to the Nintendo 3DS this winter, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice should look to carry the current Sonic video game adaptation trend by sapping all good will away from the popular children’s animated television show. It will be developed by Sanzaru Games, who brought both The Sly and God of War collections to the PS Vita last year, developed Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on the PS3 and Vita in 2013 and…developed Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal last year.

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Clearly, to have such a quick turnaround on the game suggests Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice was also being partially developed at the same time last year’s video game entries were announced and revealed. The use of fire and ice to power Sonic and friends will bring both action and platforming mechanics that we haven’t quite seen yet, giving the title a fighting chance to branch out and stumble its way into a modicrum of success. Sega needs it after both Sonic Boom titles were the worst-selling entries in franchise history.

You can check out the trailer for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice down below. Hopefully, for fans of the Sonic franchise, that this development team truly turned things around on their second try at the Sonic Boom franchise.

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