E3 2015: Microsoft Reveals 1TB Xbox One, New Controller


We’re getting to a point where companies are sharing so many details during the week before E3 2015 that one has to wonder why they’re even showing up in the first place! Knowing that there has to be so much more in store once the press conferences start to go live, Microsoft’s announcement of a new 1TB Xbox One just so happens to come earlier through the Xbox Wire. Better yet, it means the 500GB Xbox One model will come at a permanent price reduction in select markets.

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Also coming to the 1TB Xbox One is a brand new controller with specific upgrades. The design remains mostly the same, but this time it will come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack alongside the basic chat headset, improved bumper responsiveness and wireless controller firmware updates. Additionally, in select markets, the bundle will come with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, meaning that you won’t feel as ripped off with its terrible online functionality (seeing that you wouldn’t have bought the game itself, specifically).

The 1TB Xbox One model will retail at $399 USD ($449 CAD), while the 500GB Xbox One will now remain at $349 (until later price reductions years down the road) in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and India. Considering that the only Xbox One model in Canada has stayed at $399 despite the PS4 jumping to $449 due to the weak Canadian dollar, I’d say it’s a trade-off I’d be willing to take.

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