Dark Souls 3 At E3 2015? Rumor Hints Bandai Namco Reveal


Hold on to your butts; it’s wild, almost baseless E3 2015 speculation time! Just days after many outlets reported a near-senseless rumor that Microsoft would be buying an “80% complete” Silent Hills for billions (despite just saying that sentence out loud being strong enough of a fact check) comes a more respectable report due to its low-key nature. VG247 has reported that a source familiar to the situation informed them that Bandai Namco will announce Dark Souls 3 at E3 2015. Furthermore, From Software president and Bloodborne, Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki will head up the team himself.

No specific details of the game were provided, meaning that the site places a great deal of trust in their source in order for them to report it. I mean, it’s entirely possible that the company could make a short statement or announcement of Dark Souls 3 coming out in 2017, but the very excellent Bloodborne just shipped in March this year. Furthermore, the game is expected to receive at least one expansion, coming later this year. You would think Miyazaki would be heavily involved in the process of that game’s DLC development.

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That’s why I’m skeptical that we’ll hear anything about Dark Souls 3 at E3 this year. That said, it would be nice to see Miyazaki return to the series to oversee its direction. It took until the Dark Souls II DLC trilogy for its quality to even touch that of the original Dark Souls, and his absence has been well noted. It’s a shame that nobody else has been able to perfectly capture the essence of his games within From Software, so if anyone were to make Dark Souls 3, I hope it would be him at the helm.

We’ll find out during E3 2015 whether or not this report is true.

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