Rumor: Mass Effect Andromeda Details Leak


Details about the next entry in the Mass Effect series have been posted on NeoGaf including premise, antagonists and more

Mass Effect Andromeda, the latest installment in the Mass Effect series is (hopefully) coming our way sometime next year. Details have been pretty scarce aside from a couple short glimpses, but a poster on NeoGaf has leaked some details. Of course keep in mind these are completely unverified rumors, but NeoGaf isn’t just some random forum board where anybody can post anything, this was considered credible enough by the mods to be posted. Obviously possible spoilers for Mass Effect Andromeda follow, so you have been warned.

The story in Mass Effect: Andromeda revolves around finding a new home for the human race, but other races are searching for new homes as well. Your character is a “Pathfinder”, though no real details on what that means or if that has any impact on gameplay or is just a story element.

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Much like previous Mass Effect games, Mass Effect Andromeda will have you in a three-person squad. Two squad members mentioned are a human blond female and a Krogan. All squadmates will have jet packs equipped which will come into exploration play. Your Omnitool will have more functionality, such as a combat shield. Mass Effect Andromeda will also feature destructible cover.

The other big takeaway is the enemies you will be facing. They are described as a cross between the Vorcha and the Collectors. There is also a human antagonist with armor similar to yours, but no N7 insignia. No mention of how these enemies tie together.

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Again take this as rumor, but fairly credible rumor nonetheless. You can read more details at the actual NeoGaf post here. We’ll hopefully learn more about Mass Effect Andromeda soon from Bioware and see how many of these details, if any, turn out to be true.