Killer Instinct Raises A Ton Of Tournament Money


One of the Xbox One’s greatest games just so happens to be a free-to-play launch title, as Killer Instinct has really blossomed into a viable fighting game. So, too, has the KI Community of fighting game fans grown, with a rise in ranks as each new character is introduced. Last week, the community team at Microsoft Studios launched the Killer Instinct Community Fund, where 100% of all proceeds from KI would be collected into a pool that will aid tournament prizes and other Fighting Game Community (FGC) events heading into next year. They had 2 weeks to hit the $100,000, but the people spoke in just 1, as that $100,000 goal has been met.

As explained on the Microsoft Studios blog, as part of maxing out at the top funding tier, $50,000 of the total Killer Instinct Community Fund pool will go towards the Evo 2015 prize pool. Furthermore, Shadow Jago will no longer just act as a character skin, as he is confirmed to become his own playable character by year’s end. He will be quite unlike Jago, as the shadowy version will carry his own unique moveset. You can still get access to him in the game right now if you buy the Shadow Jago Community Bundle of the game, which will be available until May 14th.

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As one of the better games to come out of 2013 (and in the Xbox One, in general), it’s great to see Microsoft back Killer Instinct for so long. The roster started out miniscule, but as the months went along (and the game received a new development team in Iron Galaxy Studios’ “Dave Lang Experience”), the game grew into a well-balanced, dynamic fighting game experience. It’s a shame that PS4 users can’t quite get in on the action, but the game will definitely have a fair number of eyes on it during Evo 2015 tournament play. Plus, with $50,000 at stake, perhaps we’ll see more FGC participants, as well.

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