Killer Instinct Receives New Developer, Fulgore Release Date


Today is a big day for both Microsoft and their proud fighting game property Killer Instinct. Over a month after original KI developer Double Helix was bought out by Amazon, the publisher has brought in a new developer; one that is well versed in the fighting game realm. In an interview with Polygon, Iron Galaxy Studios CEO Dave Lang revealed his company will be the Season 2 developer for Killer Instinct.

"This is now a title with some prestige. This is, like, probably — I think it’s probably the biggest thing we’ve ever done, like, the most important game we’ve ever worked on. I feel like, as a company, we’ve been doing a lot of really cool work to get to this point, and I think this is our chance to shine."

Furthermore, on April 9th Double Helix will wrap up their end of Killer Instinct development by releasing Season 1’s 8th and final character; Fulgore. Additionally, they will fulfill their end-game promise by bringing in an Arcade Mode and go above and beyond in providing online lobbies, featuring 8-player rooms and a Spectator Mode.

To those who are unaware, Iron Galaxy Studios have been known in the past to bring additional technical functionality and add-on development to popular titles. Their big break was in developing Super Street Fighter III: 3rd Stike Online Edition, which further lead to the creation of simple fighting game/meta commentary title Divekick last year.

If anyone were to take over for Double Helix’s impressive revival of Killer Instinct, the best bet would be in Iron Galaxy. Their knowledge of the fighting game community will provide a valuable insight for Microsoft in their continued effort to provide a competitive and accessible fighting game.

Fulgore will be added to the Season 1 Killer Instinct roster on April 9th to those who paid for the game at “Combo Breaker” pack and above. Check out the Fulgore launch trailer below.


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