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We are just days into the mysterious wonders that is gaming in 2014, yet there is a certain sense of sadness as we leave 2013. It saw the launch of 3 different home consoles, with one funded by the fans. We saw graphical output pushed to its limits as 6-7 year old devices utilized as much as they possibly could. We also saw the prevalence and increased attention of indie games as they took that big step towards widespread acceptance.

Even in the throes of so-called home console market, 2013 had it all. Now that all the games have been released and the dust has settled, let us reflect on some of the best games of 2013.

As usual, this is my list of what I played and what I enjoyed most in 2013. Others will or have already provided similar lists themselves (like Mike and Nick did). If you disagree with my rankings or omissions, make sure to read my reasoning for each entry and leave a comment at the end. As well, you can reach me on my Twitter account: @ItsDanielGeorge.

I preface this, because #10 requires some explaining…