Looks Like More D4 Content Is Being Developed


Game director and Twin Peaks enthusiast Hidetaka Suehiro, aka “Swery65,” is a simple man. He’s the guy who will work hard at creating some of the more innovative, interesting storylines and gameplay mechanics during the daytime and really party it up during his off time. That’s why you never know what you’re going to get during an interview with him, as Kotaku found out there’s more to him than just games talk. However, it just so happens that we did get a tease that more D4 episode content may be on its way.

During the email back-and-forth, Swery65 did talk about D4, its lack of marketing and the status of its PC version, but also commented on the question about the possibility of future episodes. “There’s no such thing as an ‘absolute guarantee’ in this world,” Suehiro replied. “But I can show you proof that I’m trying my best right now.” The picture he offered is in the featured space above the text of this article, with Swery apologizing that it is all he can muster right now as proof.

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Seeing how the screenshot appears to be in-engine, including a known character in Peggy Young from the airplane scenes, hopefully this “proof” of future D4 episodic content acts more as a slice of an in-development game rather than a concept screen still. To me, D4 was one of 2014’s best titles, and plays right into the wacky, lovable style of gameplay and characterization that we’ve seen from a Swery65 project in the likes of Deadly Premonition. With a shift towards a PC port (including some very demanding system requirements for Recommended play), getting the base game to a wider audience to appreciate is an excellent first step.

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