Swery65 Set To Direct A Twin Peaks Video Game


After a 25-year departure from its original run, it appears as though Twin Peaks’ 2016 return will not be strictly exclusive to a limited-run TV series. Per unconfirmed reports, it appears as though Showtime has tapped Hidetaka Suehiro, aka “Swery65,” to direct a PC, PS4 and Xbox One video game adaptation of the entire series, which will include the events of the upcoming 9 episodes scheduled for release next year.

Reaching for comment on the story, Swery65 had this to say about his involvement in the Twin Peaks video game:

"I‘m a huge fan of David Lynch’s, so I’m really flattered to be receiving this glorious honor. Looking back on how I got to this moment, though, I don’t quite understand exactly why I was chosen to create a video game of Twin Peaks. Fact is, I’ve never even seen an episode of Twin Peaks as of yet, but I will be hard at work watching the entire series so far, starting today!"

Our sources say otherwise, as Swery65’s Deadly Premontion carries a lot of similarities towards the decades-old supernatural crime drama. One can simply look at the visual comparisons towards the protags of both Twin Peaks and Deadly Premonition, how the victims of murder are portrayed, the countryside town setting within Washington state and the importance of a good cup of coffee to know that the game and television show share a familiar bond.

Likewise, the reliance on zany characters to tell the story of a grizzly murder cannot be stated enough. Swery65, when confronted with the mounting evidence, replied, “I was just making a game that happened to feature an FBI agent investigating a serious crime, who happened to fall in love with a blonde woman while prominently using the color red for thematic structure. Differences between Dead Premonition and Twin Peaks are like black and white…lodges!”

As David Lynch has yet to actually officially return to the Twin Peaks project, doubts have already been cast on if the Swery65-directed Twin Peaks game will actually see the light of day. You know, since the story is completely made up. A.P.R.I.L. F.O.O.L.S. D.A.Y., everyone!

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