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For all intents and purposes, 2014 was a bad year overall. It saw untimely death, important issues being corrupted by individuals to grandstand their political ideals and disappointing releases. The statement applies for the worlds inside and outside gaming, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, that isn’t to say that it was a complete letdown for gaming. This past year debunked the notion that consoles are dead in North America, saw the return of PC as a viable economic market and people raise lots of money for charity across several organizations and events. Plus, we got to see some real innovative game design pour through titles from studios big and small, which should be proudly reflected in my list of Game of the Year 2014.

This is a collection of what I personally played, and what I enjoyed the most throughout the entirety of this past year. If you have differing thoughts on any games listed in my Game of the Year list, make sure to leave a well-reasoned argument in the comments section at the end. You can also reach me at my Twitter account: @ItsDanielGeorge.

So, without further ado, here is my Top 10 list for Game of the Year 2014.