The Mad Max Game Takes Everything Away, Then Drops You In


Even though it had gone away in hiding for quite some time, the Mad Max game is now taking center stage once again in the weeks ahead of its movie counterpart’s release. Gameplay overview trailers have gone up today, highlighting just exactly what you can expect to do when the game eventually comes out later this year. Hint; it involves cars, guns and sand, even if sand is coarse, rough, irritating and it gets everywhere.

The Mad Max game trailer starts off with Max being essentially stripped of everything he’s come to own in this apocalyptic wasteland. From there, he has to build himself back together, starting with a new ride; the Magnum Opus. Ensuring that it will be Max’s greatest possible car in title alone, players will start out with a basic vehicle and upgrade its parts over the time spent traversing the awaiting desert. Customization is also a factor in upgrading Max’s combat, as his equipment and skills can be improved over time.

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Those improvements will be necessary, as the Mad Max game employs combat similar to that of the Batman Arkham series, only grittier. Droves of goons circle Max as he performs character action combos, while utilizing The Last of Us-style smashes of body parts into walls and sharp corners. Melee weapons take focus, as ammunition is scarce. Furthermore, when on the road to adventure, you can come across pieces of scrap metal to take home for car/weapon/equipment crafting, as well as NPC’s you can partner up with for mutual benefit.

The Mad Max game seems to be an amalgamation of open world action-adventure games, with RPG elements in play for the game’s leveling system. It’s not exactly a movie tie-in, but the reworking of several types of specific games for the purpose of use in an iconic film property’s game may be a bit of cause for concern. At the very least, we got a brief glimpse at a Thunderdome! Who knows what’s in store for that just yet, but it serves to provide intrigue.

The Mad Max game will be released on September 1st for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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