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Pikachu’s Custom Moves In Smash Bros. Combo Into Infinity


One of the greatest things about the immeasurably excellent recent entry in the Super Smash Bros. series is the option to incorporate custom moves for each character. While some prefer to play the standard route against standard opponents with standard moves, custom moves help foster creativity and exploration of the game’s huge roster of current and upcoming characters. Sometimes, however, really skilled players can pull off insane combos that can render the opposition useless, as discovered by Youtuber “My Smash Corner” recently.

As with every sort of combo loop discovery that comes with this sort competitive Smash Bros. play, there are some caveats. First, you need to equip Pikachu with two custom special moves; Neutral Special 2: Thunder Wave and Up Special 2: Meteor Quick Attack. The shortened range of Thunder Wave is necessary in order to keep as close to the opponent as possible, while Meteor Quick Attack has improved damage at the closest of ranges. Secondly, the opponent has to have taken between 40 and 60% damage, depending on the amount of rage built up.

Once those things have been met, the goal is to jump up as close to an opponent as possible while in the air and do a thunder wave across their body. Once you land, jump on the earliest frame possible and do it again and again. Some heavier characters don’t move as much, meaning that you can alternate between thunder waves on the ground and in the air so that you don’t go too far ahead of the opponent. The heaviest will require an alternate strategy; thunder wave, footstool, meteor quick attack aimed down, then jab them twice in order to maximize damage output.

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Before you get hot and bothered about the way the new Super Smash Bros. will ruin tournament viability forever, or that custom moves ought to be banned, it should be noted that the Evo 2015 official custom moves list does not contain any sets of custom special for Pikachu that permit both necessary moves at the same time. Furthermore, you won’t run into any random opponent who pulls off cheap moves like this online, as custom moves are only permitted offline and in online matches with friends.

That said, the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U community is fairly young, and I’m certain that there is a tournament-eligible custom move set out there that can create a supreme advantage under perfect execution. With so many variables out there, it’s just a matter of time. All the kinks will be ironed out over time. For those who are single-minded in their Smash Bros. appreciation (read: Melee-only), however, this is the kind of Strawman happening that can be extrapolated against the entire Smash 4 community, not taking Ice Climbers’ wobbling into effect.

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