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Shovel Knight Coming To PS4, PS3 & Vita In April


Branching out from the confines of Steam and Nintendo, Yacht Club Games has announced that Shovel Knight will be coming to the PS4, PS Vita and PS3 on April 21st. The announcement was made in tandem with a PlayStation sale, which will see PlayStation Plus users able to pick up the title for $13.49 in its launch week. Otherwise, the standard price is set at $14.99.

Seeing as it was one of the best games that came out last year, it’s great to see that the developers are given the freedom to branch out on other platforms relatively quickly after release. Being an independent studio, unless you are paid for timed exclusivity, having to sign contracts to stay on a certain platform for years after launch has a crippling effect on the ability to grow an ongoing fanbase.

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Releasing Shovel Knight on PC and Nintendo devices allowed the developers the opportunity to make enough money that is required to facilitate porting to other platforms. Forcing a release date parity is a terrible stance to have, which is why you start seeing a lot of Indie games release on PlayStation and Nintendo instead of on Xbox consoles. It’s a shame, seeing how the Xbox Live Arcade ushered an era of Indie games and had a big part in bringing them to the forefront of the gaming scene today.

Shovel Knight was released last year on the PC, Nintendo Wii U and 3DS.

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