Pat Robertson Proclaims Undertale Evil, Suggests A Wholesome Game


Proving that Comic Sans is but the harbinger of an unbecoming society, indie darling Undertale received a bit of unintended press from an unlikely source. Pat Robertson, source of religious fear mongering via his television show The 700 Club, answered an email on a recent program from a concerned parent, who did not appreciate his daughter looking at “many pictures of a cartoon skeleton with one glowing blue eye,” which was from “a video game.”

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Somehow, Pat Robertson still manages to be the most logical person involved in the debacle. “I wouldn’t make of a big deal of it,” he proclaims, although mainly so that emailer Payton’s daughter isn’t attracted to one of the funnier characters in video gaming this year. Robertson isn’t against all video games, just those that are “filled with violence and brutality,” which he posits this cartoon skeleton comes from.

I shouldn’t have to tell you that religious figures are the last people who should say what’s right or wrong in a video game for the majority of the gaming population. That said, the guess that Sans is in a violent video game is not far from the truth. You know, with the exception that the morality system within Undertale punishes the player for going on what has been dubbed a “genocide” run, and that a Pacifist run is the suggest means of playing the game.

Pat Robertson is right on an instinctual level about the game being violent. That doesn’t mean that almost everything else he said about Undertale, without seeing a second of the game himself, is fundamentally wrong.