Coffin Dodgers Heads To Current-Gen Consoles In 2016


Get out of the old folks home and grab your mobility scooters: Milky Tea Studios and Wales Interactive are teaming up to bring kart racer Coffin Dodgers to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Q1 2016.

Coffin Dodgers is an indie title which was previously released by UK-based company Milky Tea Studios via the Steam Greenlight platform, and currently holds a ‘very positive’ feedback rating from the 252 user reviews that have been submitted through Steam.

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The game features seven playable characters in the form of elderly residents who must compete in a series of races to avoid the Grim Reaper and his zombie army.

There’s a barrage of weapons littered throughout each course, and ragdoll physics have been implemented for an extra dose of mayhem. The game features story mode and time trial options, while local multiplayer for up to four players is also included.

Milky Tea have teamed up with Wales Interactive (Soul Axiom, Master Reboot) in order to bring the title to consoles; something that Jon Holmes of Milky Tea Studios was determined to achieve.


Dai Banner, Founder and Managing Director of Wales Interactive, echoed similar thoughts.

For whatever reason, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners haven’t been treated to an abundance of kart racers so far. This may not be the AAA title that many will hope for, but with two indie developers on board and a positive start on PC, Coffin Dodgers has a great opportunity to impress in a relatively untapped market.

No official release date has been provided as of yet, although it has been confirmed that the game will release in the first quarter of 2016. Check out the (old) PC trailer below for an idea of what to expect when the game arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next year.

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