Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning Hawks Louis Vuitton. But Why?


Seriously, why does Square Enix pretend Final Fantasy XIII matters right now?

The Final Fantasy XIII era was a dark time for classic Square RPG fans. Not only did it see the lengthy development time of a terrible RPG trilogy in the Lightning “Saga,” but it saw director Motomu Toriyama essentially will his waifu into existence via complicated plot details (no specific spoilers, but god damn, save yourself and don’t even look it up). Thankfully, Square Enix has done their best to go back to the good ol’ days by announcing the Final Fantasy VII Remake, opening the Tokyo RPG Factory, doing a great job with Final Fantasy XIV and making Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III look to be exciting next steps.

Why the hell Square Enix tried to destroy all their good by bringing Lightning and Final Fantasy XIII back into the picture, on Christmas Day of all days, is a surprise to me. Worse yet, the character is seen shilling for Louis Vuitton; a purveying figure in the world of leather handbags, an item that speaks very little to the character of Lightning herself.

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Seriously, for just twelve seconds, Square Enix sold out their current figurehead in the Final Fantasy franchise to make her star in the “Series 4” advertising campaign for Louis Vuitton, the official Square Portal confirms. Oddly enough, Square Enix cannot provide a high-quality clip, with the ad maxing out at 480p video resolution despite using a completely new CGI video from Visual Works and a new arrangement of the Blinded By Light battle song from the original Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack.

Seriously, though, why does this exist a week removed from 2016 when Final Fantasy XIII first launched on the PS3 and Xbox 360 more than six years ago? Even when being generous by going off the last release in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, that still released in Japan more than two years ago. Square Enix, despite making public acknowledgments about what the fans want, still can’t help but push Lightning into the public eye well past her welcome.

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