E3 2015: Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Still “In Development”


It’s been a long wait, but Kingdom Hearts fans, we finally have….more footage. And little else. Kingdom Hearts 3 made an appearance at E3 2015 at the Square Enix conference, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The environments seem huge and colorful, and Sora’s got more tricks up his sleeves than before–we saw him wall jumping, riding teacups, summoning Pegasus to carry him around in a chariot, and more. Check out the trailer:

What world is that? Could it be…Tangled? Indeed it is. Tangled is confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3, and we’re likely to get lots more modern Disney worlds as well, since they announced a close partnership with Disney for this game. Other than that, confirmation of Donald and Goofy joining you yet again, and some very vague chess playing, we’re going to have to keep waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s still “in development.” Not even a window for more information.

But it’s okay, right? We’ve got a mobile game coming west too…Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key. Apparently it’s a chibi game that features characters from the series, and has connections to Kingdom Hearts 3. And it’ll be showing up…eventually. Yup, the mobile game is “in development” as well.

Overall, a disappointment for Kingdom Hearts fans, but at least there was some footage, right?

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