E3 2015: Final Fantasy VII Makes A Glorious Return


To loud cheers and delighted fans, Sony announced at their press conference that they are, at last, remaking Final Fantasy VII. Yes, an actual remake, not the joke of a port we got last year. This is real, and the trailer looks as stunning as it should. It’s not gameplay yet, but with the loveliness of the recent Final Fantasies, you can bet Square Enix will go all out for this one, too. Check out the trailer:

Yoshinuri Kitase, who directed Final Fantasy VII the first time around, returns as the producer for the remake, with Tetsuya Nomura as director. Apparently we’ll be able to “Play It First On PlayStation 4.” Could that mean it’s coming to other consoles, or to PC, at a later date? That might be good news for those who loved the original but haven’t followed Sony into the current gen.

Regardless, this is delightful for fans who have begged for a remake for a long time. Final Fantasy VII is the best-known and probably best-loved of the Final Fantasy series. Kudos to Square Enix for listening to the fans.

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