Xbox Live Games With Gold For November Revealed


Major Nelson’s Blog has revealed the free Xbox 360 and Xbox One Games With Gold subscribers will get this November.

November also marks the first month of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One, so the free Xbox 360 games with Gold will also be available for Xbox One owners through that feature.

The November Xbox One Games With Gold will be Pneuma: Breath of Life and Knight Squad. Pnuema Breath Of Life is an indie puzzle game with a main character who believes himself to be a god (it essentially looks like a Myst clone with a sense of humor about itself). Knight Squad is a 1-8 player competitive multi-player game described as “Gauntlet meets Bomberman” with knight with a wide array of powerups and weapons including a laser gun (because why not). These games will be available to download from November 16th to December 15th.

The November Xbox 360 Games With Gold will be more well-known titles Dirt 3 & Dungeon Siege III. Dirt III is a highly acclaimed off-road racing title. Dungeon Siege III received fairly mediocre reviews, but it is an rpg that offers dozens of hours of play so it’s probably worth checking out if you are into that genre. Dirt III will be available November 1st through November 15th. Dungeon Siege III will be available November 16th through November 30th.

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Value of free games you get through a paid service is always a tricky thing, though I don’t think any of these games will get any one super excited. It does seem like it would be about time for Microsoft to start at least offering some early AAA Xbox One games that don’t really sell anymore, but it does seem like November’s Games With Gold offerings have at least a little something for everyone.

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