WWE 2K16’s Future Stars DLC Temporarily Pulled From Sale


The Future Stars DLC Pack has been temporarily removed from sale amidst reports of corrupted Universe Mode data.

It hasn’t been the smoothest of weeks for the folks at 2K. After the seemingly successful release of WWE 2K16’s Future Stars DLC Pack last Tuesday, players began to report instances of their Universe Mode data behaving erratically and erasing itself. Universe Mode is one of the most popular features of 2K’s WWE series, and players were rightly aggrieved at losing hours of progress.

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In response, 2K issued a warning to players in which they advised them not to download the new DLC pack until a patch is ready. It seems to be taking a while to deploy, as 2K has now pulled the pack from sale on the Xbox Marketplace, while they are “exploring” removal options for the PlayStation Network. This information was provided via 2K’s official forum.

"“WARNING: DO NOT DOWNLOAD the Future Stars Pack for WWE 2K16 if you play Universe Mode, as it will affect that mode’s saved data file. We are temporarily removing the Future Stars Pack to prevent further players from losing saved data in Universe Mode. If you have already downloaded the Future Stars Pack, you can continue using its content in WWE 2K16.Once again, we apologize to the WWE 2K16 community and will let everyone know of any updates as soon as possible.”"

Despite these setbacks, there’s some positive news for 2K in the form of a newly-announced multi-year partnership extension with WWE. We’re not sure of the exact details at this time, but you can expect to see plenty more WWE 2K games in the future. It’s not the best timing for this kind of announcement, but we’ve been impressed by 2K16 on the whole, and there’s still plenty of promise for the future of the series as long as these game-breaking instances don’t reoccur.

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