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Resident Evil 7 Sounds Like It Will Be A Thing


Whether or not it, too, will have a numbered logo that resembles a giraffe doing unspeakable things, Resident Evil 7 seems like an inevitability. As reported and translated by Siliconera, Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata sat down with Dengeki PlayStation for their 600th volume to talk about the future of some of their Resident Evil titles. There’s nothing confirmed to report right now, but there’s a tease that’s worth noting.

The first few questions include the thoughts on if the series is losing its horror touch, plus if Resident Evil 2, 3 and Outbreak will receive HD versions. The actual interview, itself, may have taken place some time ago, as the Resident Evil 2 HD Remake has already been confirmed. However, the final question asking, “And what about Resident Evil 7?” provides an interesting answer. “We’re currently not at a state to talk about it… but please stay tuned.”

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Unless Capcom is promoting the end of the series with Resident Evil Umbrella Corps for some reason, it seems like Resident Evil 7 will come to fruition. Whether or not that’s a great idea, however, is up for debate. Despite my colleague’s thoughts on Resident Evil: Revelations 2, I found that the game handled co-op play amicably, and brought both new gameplay and story elements into the series that bring a focus towards horror. I would love for the series to go back to the style it once excelled at in tank-controlled, hallway survival horror, but with sales success in action horror, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

A blend between the gameplay mechanics of Resident Evil 4 and the horror style of the Lost in Nightmares DLC from Resident Evil 5 would be a perfect mix of tense horror, storytelling and ambient feeling. That’s what I would most like to see in Resident Evil 7, and with the success and continued path down remastering classic Resident Evil games, I think Capcom can see the value in what the old guard of fans appreciate in the series. We’ll just have to wait for a gameplay demonstration of Resident Evil 7 to see if our hopes are dashed once again.

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