In an effort to undo all the good Capcom has done with the HD ..."/> In an effort to undo all the good Capcom has done with the HD ..."/>

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Revealed, Plays Like An FPS


In an effort to undo all the good Capcom has done with the HD remaster of Resident Evil and the remake of Resident Evil 2, the Japanese games company has announced a new Resident Evil title at SCEJA’s pre-Tokyo Game Show 2015 press conference. No, it will not be a new title in the numbered series, but a competitive shooter in the vein of Call of Duty meets Dying Light. It’s called Umbrella Corps. Capcom have also released a trailer to show you exactly what I mean.

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Part of the Biohazard 20th Anniversary campaign, Umbrella Corps is billed as a “fast-paced, competitive team shooter.” In addition to traditional weapons, you can also use a “Brainer” modern axe to attack zombies’ and players’ brains, utilize your arm-mounted tactical shield, lay down terrain spikes or use a Zombie Jammer to prevent an onslaught from pouring onto your location. It seems to jump between third and first-person shooting, with a cover system that lets you shoot around corners.

Umbrella Corps is an interesting idea with a poor implementation and release. It’s a side game that has an intriguing angle, what with even opposing teams and zombies literally chomping at the bit. It’s decidedly dark, playing with light fixtures in tight hallways that can serve as choke points. The dubstep track laid over top, plus the fact that this is what Capcom is leading its 20th-anniversary schedule with, is what concerns most.

Umbrella Corps will launch on PC and PS4 in Early 2016 at a $29.99 price point.

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