Games With Gold October 2015 Featuring: The Walking Dead


Bringing the world back from the brink but not before reanimating the dead, Microsoft announced their Xbox Live Games With Gold for October 2015.

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For the month of October, Games with Gold for Xbox One Gold members will receive the historically resonant and lovingly concocted Valiant Hearts. Utilizing simple gameplay puzzles and design to tell the story of WWI with the emotional resonance the conflict dictates, Ubisoft published a wonderful short title recounting the history of the Great War. Enjoy the game here,but also remember the history and the context the game resides in.

From October 16 until November 15, Xbox One Gold members will receive the emotionally resonant The Walking Dead Season 1. Follow Lee and Clementine as they look to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Be prepared to decide who else comes along for the ride.

For the month of October, Game with Gold for Xbox 360 Gold members will make available the action prequel Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Meant as a proof of concept of the new approach for Metal Gear Solid V, Hideo Kojima released this short exercise. Know this ahead of time as the game is meant to be gone through as many times as possible in different ways. It is not a long adventure, but it is a fun one if you embrace it.

From October 16 to November 15, Xbox 360 Gold members will also receive The Walking Dead Season 1.

Given the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility pledge, each of the Xbox 360 games from Games With Gold becomes just a little bit more valuable as they could also become Xbox One games as Microsoft said, “with a flick of a switch.” So even if you do not have an Xbox 360 system, Xbox One owners have reason to redeem these games on the Xbox Live Store just in case they may be able to add titles to their library in the future.

As always, during the month you can redeem each of these Games With Gold titles on the Xbox Games store.

Happy gaming, readers!

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