Twitch Plays Dark Souls Destroys Gwyn At Last


Twitch Plays anything is a phenomenon most interesting when watched from a distance, maybe participating occasionally. It began with Twitch Plays Pokemon, which started with Pokemon Red and proceeded to cruise through all main series Pokemon titles, some specially-adapted emulator versions, and then do it all again a year later. Since thousands of people inputting commands into a GameBoy at once wasn’t challenging enough, they recently upped the ante. They became Twitch Plays Dark Souls, and surprised everyone by actually beating a boss….no, wait, the entire game.

It took them 43 days, eight hours, 14 minutes, and 23 seconds to reach and defeat Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, and they died a grand total of 904 times. Admittedly, this feat is slightly less impressive when you take into consideration that after a long period of running into walls and destroying their sword in the first area, they switched to a “Democracy” system where commands were “voted” in by pausing the game for several seconds, then inputting the command, then pausing again. This still doesn’t diminish the fact that thousands of people were fighting for control at once (including plenty of trolls), and that Dark Souls is really, really difficult.

Here’s Twitch’s victory over Ornstein and Smaug, the hardest bosses in the game:

Currently, Twitch has begun Dark Souls 2 and is several hours in. Best of luck, Twitch. Praise the sun!

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