Twitch Plays Pokemon Finally Conquers Pokemon Red; Began Crystal Today


After more than 16 gruelling days, numerous ledges and dearly departed Pokemon via the PC of Doom, Twitch Plays Pokemon and its chat finally defeated Pokemon Red. With a team consisting of a Zapdos, Pigeot, Rhydon, Omastar, Venomoth and Lapras, the commands entered by the participating chat were able to defeat the Elite Four and Red’s rival, Blue. Here is the 12 minute final battle, solidifying Twitch’s efforts into the Pokemon Hall of Fame forever.

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There were a lot of ups and downs during the first run of Twitch Plays Pokemon. Somehow, chat caught Zapdos using the Master Ball while Pidgeot was in use (weak against lightning). The Route 22 ledge was defeated in less than a full day. Lots of Pokemon were given awesome nicknames! But, for all the positives, there were days like Bloody Sunday, where 12 Pokemon were released into the wild. Charmeleon (evolved from starting Pokemon, Charmander) got the axe very early on in the proceedings. Plus, who knows how many times “Digrat” brought Red back to a Pokemon Center.

The best part of the entire Twitch Plays Pokemon Red run was the community. As much as the incessant meme-ery of “PRAISE HELIX” and start spambots brought down the vibe, places like NeoGAF, Reddit, DeviantArt and 4chan’s Pokemon board really brought their A-Game when it came to providing quality fan art. Moments that helped better understand Red’s reasoning for releasing Pokemon, the events of the stream in hieroglyphics form, imaginings of the released Pokemon being in a better place and one final piece from a regular contributor, noting the peace and tranquility of completion really made the event feel like a welcomed team effort.

While Pokemon Red is finally over, Pokemon Crystal has just started up! It’s going to be a longer journey this time, with a lot tougher challenges. 16 badges in total, certain gym badges that require a strong team, better enemy AI, facing Red at Mt. Silver, constant phone call and precise movement in areas like Ice Path may prolong the Gen II run, perhaps even into a second month. Hopefully the lore and fun of the Pokemon Red run doesn’t bleed too much into the fun of Gen II, even though it will continue to be a head-scratcher of an experience overall. At least they started with Totodile!

Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal can be viewed here (if you avoid auto-play) and can be seen below.
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