Twitch Plays Dark Souls, Actually Beats A Boss


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When it was first revealed that someone created a program to demonstrate another hivemind gameplay attempt with Twitch Plays Dark Souls, I thought nothing of it. Dark Souls and Pokemon are completely different in nature, mostly because enemies actually fight back in real time for the former. Plus, all the platforming and defensive maneuvers of Dark Souls just makes the objective of beating the game ultimately impossible.

After less than a week crowdplaying the game, Twitch Plays Dark Souls defeated the Asylum Demon. This is not a joke anymore. Well, not completely.

For those confused about how this works, Twitch Plays Dark Souls involves a modded PC version of the game that takes commands via the Twitch chat. There are inputs for everything, including directional inputs, using items, even switching the stance for holding weapons. There are also voted-upon sliders for anarchy (first input wins) and democracy (crowd-voted commands). People can vote for even how long it takes to enter a command, which is why we see quicker movements in the Asylum Demon battle above.

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The biggest victories come right from the top, with the squad choosing Pyromancer right off the top. Those fireballs will come in handy to defeat early bosses and enemies. That said, I’m still skeptical that Twitch Plays Dark Souls will ever be completed. Just think about all the detailed, minute moves players will skill have to complete, let alone thousands of people at once. Crossing narrow bridges in Sen’s Fortress, fending off impervious ghosts in New Londo Ruins, maneuvering around invisible areas in Crystal Cave; they seem near impossible to complete safely, let alone the more important objectives to complete afterwards.

That said, it will be interesting to check in every so often to see how Twitch Plays Dark Souls turns out. They beat a boss in less than a week. Who knows what’s next in this crazy world they’ve created over there on Twitch.

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