The Angry Birds Movie Trailer Teases A Strong Cast


You think we would have received a Hollywood adaptation of the Angry Birds franchise by now. I had expected one to be out years ago when the mobile title was, you know, relevant as a powerhouse in the industry. Yet here we are on the day fans of the series get a first glance at The Angry Birds Movie, one that stars a boatload of Hollywood talent.

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Despite being a full-length trailer, there’s not much to know about the story of The Angry Birds Movie yet. It serves as an introduction to its cast, including Jason Sudeikis as protagonist Red; a quite literal angry bird. Most everyone else around him doesn’t seem so angry at the moment, where even Chuck (voiced by Josh Gad) seems to be as happy as a clam. Danny McBride plays Bomb, who has had a tendancy of exploding when he gets a bit mad. We do get a hint at the main villain, played by Bill Hader, as he voices a pig named Leonard. Nobody on the island of birds even knows what a pig is, so we could potentially see the “Day Zero” of the Angry Birds “conflict.”

We didn’t get to see anyone else in action throughout the rest of The Angry Birds Movie’s trailer, however we did get a tease of the names involved with the project. Lorne Michaels must be feeling very proud, as SNL alums Jason Sudeikis and Bill Hader are joined by Maya Rudolph and current SNL player Kat McKinnon. Veep and Arrested Development’s Tony Hale is also part of the cast, in addition to Keegan-Michael Key and Peter Dinklage. A video games movie that stars Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage. What could go wrong?

The Angry Birds Movie is currently scheduled for a Summer 2016 release.

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