No doubt is Hearthstone built to last. Not only does it No doubt is Hearthstone built to last. Not only does it

Hearthstone Expansion, The Grand Tournament, Out Soon


No doubt is Hearthstone built to last. Not only does it bring in more money to Blizzard per month than Dota 2 does for Valve, but it is enjoyed on both computers and mobile devices alike, allowing gamers’ addictions to feed both at, and away from, home. Next Monday will certainly invigorate those flames of passion more intensely, as Blizzard has announced that their upcoming expansion, The Grand Tournament, will be released on August 24th.

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As you can see from this pirates-riding-parrots-illustrating trailer above, fans of online gaming videos can expect a great deal more of singing Hearthstone ads in the near future. More importantly for players, however, is that 132 new cards are being introduced into play, of which are obtainable through crafting, winning matches or purchasing with in-game (and real life) currency. Additionally, a new game mechanic named “Inspire” is being introduced.

Hearthstone is free to play, meaning anyone can just download the client (or the app) and get started right away. Because of that, Blizzard has launched a Hearthstone Tavern Brawl event called “The Grand Tournament Match.” From now until August 24th, players can preview The Grand Tournament action for themselves and learn the tools and tricks of available cards. By doing so, it gives players the incentive to go hunting for them in card packs, in turn boosting the opportunity to purchase them at a discount before the expansion goes live. It’s a fair way of offering microtransactions, all things considered.

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