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Rocket League Update Adds Free Content, Paid DLC


We previously mentioned how Rocket League would be getting a new map, DLC and other gameplay content features in the near future. That near future happens to be today, as Psyonix has released patch notes for Rocket League version 1.04; a 781 MB update that adds Utopia Coliseum, Spectate Mode and much more.

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Considering how Rocket League has been downloaded by more than 5 million different users (with the majority likely coming as free users with PlayStation Plus), it’s only fair that Psyonix are releasing a “Supersonic Fury” DLC pack, offering exclusive cars, decals, paint types, wheels and rocket boosts. There are plenty of other freebies coming with this update, though, with the Utopia Coliseum, Spectate options for private matches, 70+ extra country flags and 3 bonus items as an apology for server downtime.

More importantly, it’s the little functions in Rocket League getting fixed that will make play a lot more enjoyable for all. Ranked matches won’t start if both teams aren’t evenly matched. Players can now also vote to forfeit ranked matches, adding a means of getting out of said matches without getting locked out for 15 minutes. Finally, 3v3 Team Ranked has replaced 3v3 Solo in online match queuing.

With Rocket League getting a lot of play on Twitch this past month, one has to wonder if the next step in Psyonix’s grand scheme of things is to make the game more friendly for online competitive gaming. With spectating added into the game allowing for camera manipulation and recording/shoutcasting, I’d love to see just how big this Indie arcade sports game can get with the mainstream audience.

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