Rocket League DLC And Free Update On The Way


It’s been a few weeks now since Rocket League went viral throughout the gaming community. The game, which was made by a small in-house team at Psyonix, has gone on to notch over 5 million downloads across PlayStation 4 and PC.

There’s no better time for Psyonix to capitalize on the hype and excitement for the game, and they’re doing so, with a paid DLC pack and a free update. 

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The DLC (Supersonic Fury) arrives in the form of two new battle-cars, which will add to the extensive customization options within the game. Each of these cars come with 6 different decals, and the DLC pack also includes two new rocket boosts, two new wheel sets, five new paint types, and a handful of trophies. All of this is priced at a very reasonable $3.99.

It’s actually the free update that appeals even more though, as it includes a brand new playable map (Utopia Coliseum), as well as a spectator mode which will allow anyone to watch live games in real-time from any angle that they desire within the arena. We’ll also be getting 70 new country flags as antenna decorations, updated goal and demolition explosions, and even a new song by Hollywood Principal to add to the excellent soundtrack.

To call Rocket League a success would be putting it mildly. The game has surpassed all expectations, and the decision to align with PlayStation Plus has paid off for Psyonix. It’s commendable that they’ve stuck to their word of releasing additional maps for free, and lumping a new spectator mode in the update for no extra charge is a great addition.

The first DLC pack for Rocket League (Supersonic Fury) will be available in early August for $3.99. You can watch the trailer below. If you’ve yet to try Rocket League and you’re wondering what all the hype is about, check out our review.

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