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Rare Replay is possibly the most bang for your buck bundle ever made. Regardless of quality, you are getting 30 games from the past (some not even that old) for a $1 a game representing pretty much every previous generation of gaming in some form and getting to play some classic titles that haven’t readily been available for years (and certainly never to Xbox owners as all but the most current games were on non-Microsoft platforms).

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To give you an idea of just how much is crammed into Rare Replay, here is a video featuring gameplay of every single game in the collection. Some, like Blast Corps should bring back fond memories of classic gameplay. Some, like Jetpac, show you how Rare has evolved over the years as studio. And some remind you that a lot of old games really don’t age well or were never good to begin with (*cough* Battletoads *cough*). Like I said, even if there are some stinkers in there, it’s an incredible bundle for an incredible price, and likely to easily keep you busy til the big fall releases really start dropping. Rare Replay is out for Xbox One tomorrow, check out the video below:

h/t VG24/7

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