Goliath: First Impressions Preview


Goliath is a charming, cell-shaded beauty. I had an opportunity at E3 2015 to sit down with the developers and discuss the upcoming adventure title. Goliaths are intrinsically fascinating machines, which you can build from wood, stone, metal and other unique materials found in the game world. They all have their own set of skill sets and vulnerabilities, for example rust in the Tundra cold. Almost feeling like the heir to Neo-Geo Pocket Color title, Biomotor Unitron, Goliaths can be internally customized to the zenith. From upgradable tools to weaponry, if you can locate the materials you can built it.

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The title will feature a robust world featuring different factions and the ability to vanquish them if necessary (though this will also stop the progress of certain optional quests). If you work a task for one faction you could get on the bad side of another of course. Goliath will rely on a uniquely randomly generated world, (except narrative quest figures) and the terrain including frozen tundra and vast forests are certainly pretty. It’s the Goliath’s husky elegance however, that carries the player connection here more than a distinct locale ala Final Fantasy 7’s Midgar. You will need the right Goliath for the right job depending on weather and day/night cycles. This forces the player to switch between the behemoth bots rather than utilizing one for the the entire journey.

Exciting potential exists in the new series’ multiplayer arena mode, where players can battle their Goliaths one-on-one. It could end up being a signature venue for Goliath players, and the X-Factor for the franchise’s success. After all, there is nothing better than letting an epic giant bot do your trash talking for you. Players will also be able to go through the game’s Campaign mode co-operatively, and enjoy the story together.

Goliath is currently slated for release on PC in late 2016 with a possible mobile/tablet future. The project is being worked on by talented Serbian born team Whalebox Studios (formed in 2012). Whalebox Studios considers Goliath their dream project, and first started designing the title back in the summer of 2014.

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Read more about Goliath or see more of its beautiful art direction, at the official website. Check out the lovely assortment of screenshots and announcement trailer below:

Cell Shaded Beauty: Goliath Screenshots (Click to embiggen)

Goliath Announcement Trailer

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