Blade & Soul Update Adds New Class, Content


Blade & Soul keeps the content rolling with a new update coming in two weeks.

When Blade & Soul released in North America on January 19 (just a month ago!), there was hardly any max level content. Just a dungeon or two and some PvP. That has rapidly changed, however, with the Rising Waters update a few weeks ago and now, another update promised on March 2, titled “Unchained”.

Unchained’s highlight is the addition of a new class, the Warlock class, available to Jin and Naryu. Warlocks use mid-range attacks for swift combos, all based on dark powers and magic. This addition should be no surprise, as Warlocks have been available for a long time in eastern versions of the game, and Warlock items are already dropping in dungeons. A free additional character slot will be given to all players, so if you’re full up and don’t want to pay money to create a new Warlock, hold tight–you’ll have space.

Two new dungeon areas will also be added to the game. Mushin’s Tower, opened in the last update, receives its eighth floor complete with epic solo-player fight against an ethereal version of Mushin himself. The Naryu Labyrinth, a 3-stage dungeon for 4 or 6 players, will also open, with multiple fight possibilities selected at random each time for a varied and challenging experience. Both of these areas are max-level dungeons.

There’s something to be said for holding your content back to release in small bursts, as NCSoft is with Blade & Soul. The model of releasing a few things at a time more frequently works well for MMORPGs, keeping players interested for longer. Hopefully, Blade & Soul can keep up the pace–they already have content developed for the next two years for eastern versions of the game. As a player bored to tears with the six-month to year-long gaps in World of Warcraft content, the prospect of so much to do at max level in Blade & Soul is refreshing.

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