FIFA 16 Will Feature Female Cover Athletes For The First Time


Right after a marvelous showing at the FIFA Women’s World Cup from all of its competitors seems like a great time for EA Sports to capitalize on marketing their newest soccer video game, one that will feature female soccer players for the first time in franchise history. EA Sports took it one step further recently, as they have announced that US Women’s National Team forward Alex Morgan will stand alongside the great Lionel Messi as cover athletes for FIFA 16 in the United States. It will mark the first time a female has been on a cover of a FIFA sports title in history.

She will be joined with excellent Canadian company, as the Captain of the Canadian Women’s National Team, Christine Sinclair, will appear alongside Lionel Messi for the FIFA 16 cover for copies sold within Canada. Although EA Sports and SCE San Diego Studio are not owned by the same publisher, it follows in the footsteps of MLB 15: The Show and previous entries in Canada, when notable Toronto Blue Jays players (and Canadians) Russell Martin and Brett Lawrie donned the covers of copies sold up in the Great White North.

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As great a story this is to see EA continue to make actual changes to their soccer simulation formula with FIFA 16, it does seem to continue the trend of releasing awful photoshop jobs as official covers for their sports games. While I’m sure it would be difficult to get Lionel Messi and Alex Morgan / Christine Sinclair in a room together while the Women’s World Cup was taking place, but whoever spliced Morgan’s head onto what is clearly another person’s body did a terrible job. You can see the differences in skin tone from the neck-up plain as day, and that’s even true when looking at a thumbnail!

FIFA 16 will be coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 22nd.

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