FIFA 16 Introduces Women’s National Teams


(Update: There has been some confusion regarding the exact release date. Despite the initial reveal trailer stating a September 25th release, IGN are now reporting the date to be September 22nd. We would assume that the 22nd will be the North American release date, with everyone else following on the 25th, but this is just speculation for now.)

FIFA may be in a state of turmoil off-the-pitch at the moment, but they have plenty to be optimistic about in the world of gaming. EA have released the first tidbits of information for FIFA 16, with the announcement that women’s soccer will be making its debut in the series.

FIFA 16 will feature 12 women’s national teams, which will be playable in Match Day, Offline Tournament and Online Friendly modes. Head scans, 3D player models and all-new animations have been included specifically for the feature. EA have released a 90 second trailer which features both real-life and in-game footage of some of the women who will be featured in the game, and the video also informed us that the game will be releasing on September 25th 2015.

EA’s FIFA series has been in production since 1993, and despite a period in the mid-2000’s in which it faltered somewhat in popularity and quality, it has dominated sales figures in the UK in the last few years. FIFA 15 sold 2.66 million copies in the UK in 2014, beating out all other games titles by some margin – an impressive feat considering the game wasn’t even released until September of that year.

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Women’s soccer is fast gaining in popularity. 70’000 people packed out Wembley Stadium to watch Great Britain vs Brazil in the 2012 Olympics, with another four million watching at home.

We are expecting to see more information in the near-future as EA are advertising the release of a full FIFA 16 gameplay trailer on Youtube for subscribers to their channel. If EA stick to previous schedules, the trailer is likely to be unveiled around the time of E3 2015.

FIFA 16 will be released for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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