The Official Evo 2015 Schedule Is Now Live


The biggest fighting game tournament in the world, Evolution Championship Series (or Evo, for short), will host its annual tournament in the next few weeks. We already knew where it is taking place, what games are involved and how many participants would get involved, but now the tournament organizers of Evo 2015 have posted the finalized streaming schedule for the entire event over at Shoryuken. All times are posted local to Las Vegas, Nevada, in Pacific Time.

One should note that this Evo 2015 schedule is for participants and audience members at the event. Tournament organizers will be posting the live stream schedule later this week, meaning you’ll have to wait until then to find out when Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen will be competing in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, as well as what stream it will take place in.

Despite garnering the most entrants out of any game at Evo 2015, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will burn through its entire tournament by roughly 2 PM PT on the Saturday, leaving Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN, Mortal Kombat X, Super Smash Bros. Melee, UMvC 3 and Ultra Street Fighter IV Finals to complete the entirety of the Sunday stream block. While some will argue that Smash for Wii U is getting shafted, there really isn’t too much wiggle room in a busy schedule.

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Tekken 7 Finals kick off at 4 PM PT. The game will be making its international tournament debut during Evo 2015, as the game isn’t even released on consoles anywhere in the world. With a possible (if not, likely) release date or window announcement to follow the tournament proceedings, it’s too high profile a moment to bump. At 6 PM, Killer Instinct Finals kick off. Despite its low turnout of <400 (mostly due to it being an Xbox One exclusive as tournament fighters shift towards PS4 in the future), it’s a high stream draw and contains a more competitive branch.

If anything, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U should get the bump to 2 PM PT on Saturday, but that’s it. No way is the game, in a tournament setting, nearly as entertaining as anything currently slated for Sunday. Not only that, but considering that Smash competitor ZeRo has won every single 1v1 tournament he’s participated in (save his second ever), the field isn’t quite that competitive, either. Finally, the fact that people feel compelled to cheer for Melee during the Apex 2015 Smash Wii U Finals shows the huge amount of disrespect that can be shown for the game and its participants.

Here’s hoping to a much more civil (but entertaining) slew of fights at Evo 2015.

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