Your Evo 2015 Location, Tournament Dates


Although Evo 2014 has come and gone, there’s always next year right around the corner. With about 9 months of planning left to do, event organizers of Evo 2015 have announced the location and dates for the popular fighting games tournament. Evo 2015 will take place between July 17th and July 19th, returning to Bally’s/Paris Las Vegas after a 2 year hiatus.

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As such, a promotional Evo 2015 video has been released, merely hyping up anticipation for all your favorite Street Fighter, Marvel and Smash Bros action (among other franchises). None of the upcoming year’s games list have been released yet, meaning that it’s entirely possible that games featured in the video won’t show up at next year’s event. With the current FGC-catering Nintendo is doing with Super Smash Bros for Wii U (concerning Gamecube controllers and adaptors and game modes), plus knowledge that they almost blocked Super Smash Bros Melee from appearing at Evo 2013, hopefully Super Smash Bros Melee isn’t leaving the roster quite soon.

We won’t know which games are in or out of Evo 2015 until the new year (historically), so for now let’s bask in the hype that is Evo tournaments past in the above video.

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