Nintendo NX Shipping In July 2016? Unlikely.


We’re right at the beginning of summer, and the amount of gaming rumors being pushed out to the public are rising like local temperatures. The big one going out today comes from DigiTimes, which is reporting that Nintendo is ramping up to launch the Nintendo NX in July 2016, according to their anonymous sources. The story was picked up from the likes of MCV and Nintendo Life, who also relay the fact that Nintendo is looking to ship 20 million Nintendo NX units within its first year on store shelves.

DigiTimes approached Pegatron and Foxconn to comment on their Nintendo NX story, although both declined. Macronix, PixArt Imaging, Coxon Precise Industrial, Nishoku Technology, Delta Electronics, Lingsen Precision Industries and Jentech are also reported to provide components for whatever Nintendo is planning for their next-gen gaming platform/service.

There are several things that don’t pass the “basic logic” test when it comes to this Nintendo NX rumor. First off, unless this new gaming platform has a mobile-based companion, Nintendo expecting 20 million units to sell in the NX’s first year is insane. With the rumor stating the Nintendo NX would launch next July, that would mean the platform would receive just one holiday sales period. Considering the fact the PS4 sold over 20 million units in its first 15 months, also with the benefit of two separate holiday sales quarters, it doesn’t make sense.

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Second off, a July release for any games hardware, let alone the Nintendo NX, just goes against consumer marketing logic. Historically, retail sales of games and gaming technology are low in July due to the fact so many people take a vacation throughout the summer months. Whether it be at summer camps, week-long vacations or trips to stay with family abroad, you want to release hardware to a consumer when they’re most likely to utilize/purchase it. That’s why you see a dearth of software releases during June, July and August.

We’ll just have to see whether or not the Nintendo NX will be released next July once we get first official word from Nintendo. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though.

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