Dying Light Doubling Down On #DrinkForDLC Drollery


When it was discovered that Bungie and Activision were siphoning off Destiny: The Taken King content and making it a timed exclusive to Red Bull energy drinks, the internet took a variety of responses. Some were upset, some were supportive of the mixing of both #brands. The folks at Techland had a more humorous approach, using the Dying Light Twitter account to promote their “Drink a glass of water” campaign. Taking a photo of you drinking a glass of water would net you a new docket.

Today, Dying Light will be taking it one step further by offering a legitimate free DLC campaign. By taking a picture of yourself drinking a glass of water and tagging it with the #DrinkForDLC hashtag on Twitter before sending it, you will be helping to unlock free bonus Dying Light content for all users.

As you can see, everyone will get a free 50% XP Boost when 5,000 tweets of Dying Light users drinking water are sent. Per a press release sent while this story develops, that level has already been met, with the boost to go live for 24 hours starting on June 28th. The amount of DLC packs to be awarded for free will be announced in late July, giving users about a month to send in those tweets. Furthermore, the “TH1ST-1S-R3AL” code can redeem the free weapon docket at the dockets.dyinglightgame.com website.

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As cynical as one could be about Dying Light using a marketing faux pas of another company to market their own game, giving away free content should always be rewarded with applause. Not only does it extend the life of a game that launch in January this year, but shows promise that Techland won’t be pulling off such DLC or monetization tactics in their future titles. They are still published by Warner Bros. (who are going through their own world of problems right now), so it goes to show that such DLC decisions aren’t publisher-wide ones.

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