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Some Destiny Expansion Content Now Exclusive To…Red Bull


Because there wasn’t enough controversy surrounding Destiny and its PR mishandling of the upcoming $40 Destiny expansion, “The Taken King,” now it appears that some of the content will only be released to those who pick up some energy drink cans this year. Announced in a press release, this new partnership with Activision and Red Bull will not only bring an XP boost of 50% for half an hour of play, but it will provide access to an “epic new quest” that will be exclusive to owners of the drink from September 18th to December 31st this year.

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To be more specific, here’s how it works. Starting July 1st, specially marked Red Bull cans will carry a code for a Destiny item called “Focused Light,” which acts as a one-use bonus XP buff for 30 minutes of use. Of course, you can buy multiple cans of Red Bull to gain multiple codes, however only one XP buff can be used at a time. Furthermore, this “Epic New Quest” for Destiny: The Taken King will span beyond the mini-mission-like quests that we’ve seen so far by taking place over multiple stages, “That will test the speed and strategic abilities of Destiny players in new ways.” The quest will not require a special code obtained from Red Bull cans after January 1st, 2016.

To recap; not only are Xbox players of Destiny held out of PlayStation-exclusive timed content until later this year (despite being released as early as its September 2014 launch), but now people who pick up the $40 Taken King expansion will have to spend, at minimum, an extra $3 in September in order to unlock content they’ve already paid for. That is, unless they aren’t rubes and wait until it’s the year 2016 for time to unlock the content itself. All so Activision can make some extra money from Red Bull at the expense of people who have already plopped down dozens of extra dollars on top of the base $60 launch price.

Destiny: The Taken King will launch on September 15th.

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