E3 2015: Take On Mars Trailer


Bohemia Interactive’s latest game is a life on Mars simulator titled Take On Mars.

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In Take On Mars, which is quite a change from Bohemia Interactive’s previous game, DayZ, you try to survive on the infamous red planet. You’ll have to manage and maintain your habitat, supplies and co-exist with other players in this harsh and deadly environment that has way more to worry about than zombies. Take On Mars has actually been available in Early Access since 2013, though no information was given on a full release date. Check out the latest trailer for Take On Mars below:

Take On Mars would seem to force more co-operative gameplay than Day Z, since survival in this deadly environment is key, but given how players can act towards others sometimes, we’ll see if that’s the case, or it’s just every player for themselves. Again, if you want to play it now, Take On Mars is available through Steam’s Early Access program, but there should hopefully be a full release in the not too distant future.

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