E3 2015: Microsoft Unveils ReCore From Keiji Inafune


After starting off their conference with a few minutes of Halo 5. Microsoft unveiled a new Xbox One exclusive from legendary game designer Keiji Inafune (Mega Man) and the makers of the Metroid Prime (team members at Armature Studios) series titled ReCore.

Not much is known about ReCore, only a brief trailer was shown on the heroine and her robot companion in what appears to be an apocalyptic wasteland. Check out the trailer for ReCore below:

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With just a CG trailer, it’s obviously really hard to judge what kind of game ReCore will be, but since it’s Armature studios, a first person “adventure” title would probably be a safe bet (possibly with some Mega Man influence since Inafune is heavily involved with the game). Hopefully we will see plenty of more of ReCore to get and idea of what it’s like ahead of it’s currently planned Spring 2016 release.

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