E3 2015: Gigantic Is An Xbox One/Windows 10 Exclusive


Gigantic was unveiled as an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive title at Microsoft’s E3 Press conference today.

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Gigantic looks like a fun take on multi-player featuring 5 on 5 action with characters of varying abilities. The big difference between Gigantic and similar titles seems to be Guardians, which seem to be giant monsters that will aid you in battle. Here the official description of Gigantic to give you a little more of an idea:

"Gigantic is a visually-stunning evolution in team action gaming, where freedom of movement, play-style choice, and towering Guardians makes 5×5 competition more accessible and fun than ever."

I certainly really like the look of Gigantic, which you can check out for yourself in the trailer below:

No release date has been announced, but as you can see there will be a beta in August, so we’ll get a pretty good idea of what Gigantic is like in just a couple months.

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