Project Cars Races To More Than 1 Million In Sales


When you make a game that is so dedicated to the hardcore racing game fanatic, it may come as a surprise that it is well received beyond just its core audience. Project CARS, the crowdfunded racing simulator, has passed more than 1 million in sales within its first month. As reported by Eurogamer, the game just launched for the PC as a digital download on May 7th, with a retail version coming May 12th.

“It wasn’t until the first review scores came in that we truly realised how much Project Cars had resonated with both media, racing professionals, and gamers alike around the world,” Slightly Mad boss Ian Bell told Eurogamer. This comes as distributors Bandai Namco mention that the racing title is the highest-rated racing game on the PS4. Considering how The Crew went down the microtransaction route hard, and how DriveClub was a broken mess at launch (we’re still waiting for the PS Plus version that was promised to come at the release date of the PS4), it’s not that hard to fathom.

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Nevertheless, there’s a great promise for the future of sim racing as the field of games shifts ever so uncomfortably into the realm of arcade. Remember, there’s still the SteamOS and Wii U versions left to come out, although the latter might be a lot more difficult to pull off. It also shows that even if you delay a game like Project CARS not once, not twice but thrice as long as you use that time to iron out all of the kinks the fan base will appreciate the excellent effort.

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