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Project Cars Release Date Delayed Once More


Just like the last time this game was delayed, the racing and car puns will be making their laps once more. The Project Cars release date has been pushed back once again, although it’s not going to be that long a wait this time. According to CVG, a representative from Slighty Mad Studios has confirmed in a press release that the game will be released on the PC starting April 2nd. The PS4 and Xbox One games will launch on April 7th, while there was no comment to be made on the Wii U version.

“The slight shift of the release date is due to final adjustments in the game that are required to provide fans with the best gaming experience they can have,” the developer of Project Cars stated. More specifically, Slightly Mad Studios head Ian Bell said, “Moving the release date was not an easy decision to make, as we know our fans are eager to get their hands-on on Project CARS. But we know that these extra days will allow us to provide the best game experience that our fans deserve. We assure you the wait will be worth it when the game does arrive early April.”

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Fine-tuning the game for an extra few weeks also provides unintended (or, possibly underhandedly, intended) benefits for Project Cars. Previously, it was scheduled to be released on March 17th. That very same day, both Battlefield Hardline and Final Fantasy Type-o are scheduled to be released. Now, Project Cars only has to compete with the port of Xenoblade Chronicles on the Nintendo 3DS for the PC version and the retail versions of the new Dark Souls II content on the PS4 and Xbox One for the console versions of the racer. As great as Dark Souls II is, most people already have their hands on it, while Project Cars can look to provide something new.

Project Cars was first scheduled for a late-2014 release, but now will see the PC version race to market on April 2nd, while the April 7th release of the PS4 and Xbox One versions will wait in the pit lane.

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