Quantum Break Is A 2016 Title


Quantum Break, the Xbox One exclusive from Remedy Entertainment, the makers of Alan Wake, is now officially a 2016 game, according to Kotaku.

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Quantum Break joins the likes of Uncharted 4 and Wii U’s untitled Zelda game as the latest game we were expecting to play in this year that we now have to wait until 2016 to experience (and all of these delayed titles are exclusive to their respective consoles, oddly enough). And much like the Wii U & PS4, this delay of Quantum Break
leads us wondering how Xbox One’s late 2016 line up is looking. I mean sure, they have Halo 5 (though there is a lot of time between now and October 27th for another delay) but given how Master Chief Collection has turned out, I’m not sure anticipation is a high for that title as it once was (and what if you want to play something besides Halo)? Either way, look forward to (hopefully) experiencing Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break in 2016.

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