Our MLB 15: The Show Review Comes Next Week


Just as is the case with other gaming outlets around the world, we received our MLB 15: The Show review copy from Sony just yesterday, despite the game being released today. From what I’ve seen of the game so far, it’s not to hide anything, or out of malice. The game uses a Universal Rewards system that provides benefits for all sorts of gameplay modes, no matter which mode you’re currently playing.

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For example, you can win virtual baseball cards that could be used for your MLB 15: The Show Diamond Dynasty team. Additionally, you can earn licensed equipment that helps improve both your Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty players. Brand sponsorships for your Franchise Mode come through Universal Rewards, also, which boost your front office’s financial freedom. Finally, you can unlock Alumni players through this progress service.

Because of that, MLB 15: The Show requires online servers to be up and running in order to keep all of that progress functioning properly. Seeing how they only went up today, it’s impossible for me to render a verdict on the progress of online play until I can get a bunch of games in. Also, I’m really interested in seeing how these RPG-like stat boosts that come from equipment affects the balance of play in Road to the Show, as well as the strides made for making Diamond Dynasty have as little pay-to-win incentives as possible.

Until next week; play ball!

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